Pajama Days ( A Blog for Educators)

We all love a day in our pajamas!  The morning you wake up without an alarm yelling at you and you just meander out of bed knowing you don’t have to get “ready” to go out anywhere! You don’t shower; you stay in your beloved pajamas.  You know the ones! The kind of pajamas that you could eat in and they never feel tight.  The kind of pajamas that even if they have a hole or seam rip, you are wearing them anyway!

Well if the truth were to be told…you dread the thought of someone catching you in your day of leisure!  You sneak down the stairs in slow motion and hope no person is near or around the one clear window shot view to you.  Then, when you finally arrive to your favorite chair you are out of view of anyone that might just sneak a peek at you as they jog by, or put the dreaded advertisement on your door knob.

So this leads us to the bigger picture.  When I get up and get “ready” which includes dressing and putting my “face” on (as Grandma Harter used to say) I am feel like accomplishing more and I do.  Don’t you? I think you should be ready for company any day at anytime! Am I wrong here?  If I’m having a pajama day and someone comes to the door, I am NOT answering that door.  I’m thinking…”Go away…Oh can they see me?”  “How low can I go in this couch to stay out of view?” I’m wondering…How I can peek without this person seeing me to find out who is at the door.”  “Maybe if I crouch like a cat and crawl to the door then I can jump up and peer through the peek hole.” Lastly, I think…”If sneak upstairs fast enough, maybe I could throw on some clothes and a hat to answer the door!”  I think all of you have been here. 

So why discuss this? I think this relates to teaching and learning.  We as educators can never feel like we are at school in our pajamas! We must be “ready”.  We must have our “face” on! We all know that if we are prepared, we will accomplish more!

How do we prepare ourselves each day to feel like we are “ready”.  I know we are all being pulled many directions by our professional lives and our personal ones.  So let’s start with three steps to ready ourselves for our work each day.

1.  Have I “dressed” for success?  Are my lesson plans ready, with engaging, meaningful structure? This includes teaching using differentiation.

2.  Is my “face” on.  Am I teaching with fidelity and integrity? Do I base student lesson and assignments on what students really need?  (Yes, this means using data and your professional opinion to drive instruction.)

3.  Do I feel comfortable?  Will have some fun?  Students will learn more from a teacher that is comfortable, caring and having fun each day! I don’t have any data to quote to support this yet, just my own experience and logic here!

So, don’t take on the world in your pajamas! However, I say that educators should be in a mode of teaching that allows you to feel as comfortable as pajamas do! After all…I am writing this blog in my black and white polka dot PJ’s. 

NOW…You tell me. Is the blog planned and engaging?  Did it have meaning to you?  Did I write to tell teachers what they really need to hear?  Did I write in a comfortable manner that still had a lesson while having some fun?

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     Lately, driving to work in the morning.  I have noticed the cloudy  gray haze in the sky.  The haze got me thinking about what gray areas there are in life.  Isn’t it ironic how a gray sky can have so much meaning.  Life is full of gray areas.  I suppose one thing I’ve come to learn in life is that nothing is black and white. The most important part to me is how we handle the gray areas that affect us. 

     Everyone has the gray.  I love how we get gray hair, storms are gray and elephants are gray (especially the one in the room).  Is someone trying to tell us something?  One size does not fit all!

     Some people just can’t see through the gray.  Personally, I’m in a state of gray right now.  Not sure when I might see black or white, but I sure am looking forward to the rainbow after the haze has lifted, that clarity in the sky, only knowing there will be more haze in the days or years to come.

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Spring Break 2011

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! 

So much to remember and write about and so little time.  Tonight I reflect on why I started this blog.  I am inspired by my friend and former co-worker that writes her thoughts so well.  Ellen has a unique way of saying things to say the least!  I hope I can only live up to my expectations set by her intriguing tales. 

Here is a summary of my spring break 2011.  I am an educator and we educators still get to be kids our whole career.  We are always looking forward to the next vacation.  So many of these have been about ” where I have gone not what I did when I got there and so it goes that I would finally write about such a lust lacking vacation.

Monday~I did NOTHING.  Stayed in pajamas and played a game of Words With Friends.  Oh, I did watch Ellen.  I had quiet reflective moments as I straightened my house and did some laundry. 

Tuesday~Girls shopping day! I took the time to go to some of my local stores and made some purchases to support the economy.

Wednesday~Spa Day and Matt Painter Saga unfolded….It was fun talking to my Missouri friends about the mess….I enjoyed a day of with two dear friends.  Lunch, nails, facial…all good for the soul.

Thursday~Hair cut and errands.  There is something to be said for a fabulous hair cut!  How nice it was to have a day to shop at the grocery….I planned a delicious meal for six and prepared for company.

Friday~I worked on an application for 4 hours!!! Then I decided to let the entertaining begin.  I had a lovely dinner party for six.  I used our china and dining room.   Then we downgraded a bit for Cosmic Bowling! Yes folks….I won’t share my score.

Saturday and Sunday ended with family at Arni’s watching the Butler game!  I wish it was my beloved Purdue, but you have to love the Indiana teams no matter what!

So, the applications waited, the books stayed on a shelf and the time flew by ever to quickly!

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